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you are here, because we loved your demo and we are interested in releasing it. With this page we would like to give you some information about us and how we work.

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who we are.

sync.records has evolved into a dynamic force within the dance music industry since its inception in 2021 by entrepreneur, producer, and DJ, Timbhai.

Our journey began with a strategic emphasis on establishing a presence on prominent platforms like traxsource and beatport, recognizing the importance of garnering support from discerning aficionados and DJs within the house music community. 

The core ethos of our main label, sync.records, continues to revolve around Nu Disco and Classic House, serving as a testament to our love for funky, jackin, afro, latin, and disco-infused rhythms. However, our sonic landscape has evolved to encompass a broader spectrum of electronic dance music, reflective of our ever-expanding artistic vision.

In recognition of the diverse tastes and preferences within our global audience, we have curated a constellation of sublabels to cater to distinct musical sensibilities. From the hypnotic allure of techno and electro to the transcendental realms of psytrance, our sublabels – including syncable for techno, electro, and deep house, SHAKTIDELIC RECORDS for Psy Trance, Kilocho Music for Latin Music, and metropool for commercial Pop and Dance – embody the rich tapestry of sounds that define contemporary electronic music.

we are sync.music

what we are looking for.

sync.records and our sublabels are not a side-project or a hobby. We are serious and have plans to grow. Which means:

  • We are continuously expanding our network and partnerships
  • We always put a lot of effort into promoting our releases (from our own experience we can say that we do more than some other, even larger, labels)
  • …and building the brand

We don’t care if we release a song by a known or an unknown artist. Music and originality matters. We are especially not focussed on trends and we’ll keep it underground on sync.records and syncable.

We prefer tracks with original sound design and especially original vocals instead of using services like loopcloud.

So overall, we definitely have a strong vision to become bigger and more and more influential.

how we work.

We are working with single track agreements.

  • Duration 10 years
  • Revenue share 40%, means, you keep 60% (50 % for 3rd-party-licensations)
  • No costs (of course!), no deductions for standard marketing services.

Once you have filled out the form below, we will send you the e-signature agreement. 

> Download sample agreement

We need a competitively mastered final audio file from you. If you need help here, just let us know. 

Our releases will be available on all major download and streaming platforms (Distribution Partner: EPM Music).

Some of the major platforms we work with

let's do it.

As said, we love your track, we believe that it would fit well and that we can promote it accordingly.

Let’s get in touch! Simply fill out this form to provide us with all the necessary information. 

By completing this form, you are not entering into any contractual obligations with us. The contract will be sent to you for signature upon submission of this form. Feel free to review it, and reach out to us anytime via demos@syncrecords.de or Click-to-Chat (WhatsApp, Tim)

please use dropbox, google drive or similar links
please include all social media links including links to the download and streaming platforms, if applicable.
e.g. private soundcloud link, google drive, dropbox, wetransfer... (must not be final yet)
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